Friday, June 12, 2015

Yesterday, I spent an entire day under observation at the doctor's office.

Yesterday, my mom and I spent an entire day with my doctor at Hopkins (and stayed overnight) so I could try my last and final pain killer for breakthrough pain. 

It didn't go well. 

I tried sublingual buprenorphine (which is pretty much just sublingual morphine equivalent). We thought it was a good idea because it was mixed with naloxone (supposed to help with some of the pain killer side effects) and thought the sublingual would dodge my digestive track. Boy, were we wrong. 

The first hour was great. But after, within minutes, I started feeling insanely dizzy, nauseous, itchy and sweaty.

It progressively got worse. I physically couldn't move or lift my head up. If I did I would throw up, which happened a few times. I had to keep my eyes closed because the room was spinning.

I hadn't eaten or drinken anything since 7 AM, when we left in the morning. I should also mention I am hypoglycemic, adding onto the problems I was currently having, I was on the verge of fainting at any time. My doctor and I had some back and forth. We didn't know how long the drug would stay active in my system and I needed IV fluid and a Zofran drip. I also couldn't physically stand or sit up and the idea of stretcher seemed really good, but I ultimately decided not to, for fear that some dumb doctor I didn't know would try and pump me with more drugs I couldn't handle, so my mom went out to get my a wheelchair, I vomited the whole way to the hotel and just focused on not dying.

At 10 PM, my mom got me Chick-fil-a (which I normally would be against given the LGBT platform) but it was the first thing I ate all day and I just wanted a god damn chicken sandwich. And it was delicious.


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