Praise and General Response to the Blog

I am overwhelmed with all of the great feedback I have been getting from my blog! Just thought I'd share. (I also apologize to all the OCD people out there for the random spacing--my computer knowledge only goes so far.) 

Thanks again for all the kind words! 

Pain Doctor's "Bloggers We Love":

"Wow so I just read just about every post you've written so far and I can't believe you've been going through this! So terrible! I absolutely love the intention behind your blog & you will do wonders for everyone with chronic pain who stumbles upon it. Your candid thoughts & experiences will probably change someone's life. And btw I love that Mariah Carey songs get you through the bullshit haha You need you keep going with this and share with as many people as possible. It's honest, thoughtful and filling a void out there that obviously needs the attention. Bravo."
"I really have no words to describe the kind of harrowing journey you've been on. As I started reading, I remembered having no clue that you were home and left work back in the winter when we last've overcome a lot and the journey isn't over but you've touched my heart and mind with your blogs. I hope that SOON you'll be back in NYC and we can talk IN PERSON. I could wish you "best of luck" but luck doesnt cut it. Keep pushing, getting stronger, rebuilding yourself, growing, moving forward. I believe in you, your blogs have illuminated that fact to me. Keep posting, this is how you'll keep me posted !!"
"I have just read your blog (via *****) and I am so touched by your story. My Nan has had chronic pain for many years and subsequently developed a pain killer addiction, so each day is such a struggle for her to control the pain and keep the addiction at bay. I have such respect for anyone that struggles in this way and am so pleased that there is light at the end of the tunnel for you. I can't imagine how hard the last year has been. Thank you so much for sharing your story. It was wonderfully written! You have a fantastic talent for writing. I hope you get back to your dream job soon, but maybe you should consider writing a book about your last 18 months in the mean time! I'd love to send you a little something if you don't mind passing your address on to me? No worries if not. Lots of love and best wishes, ******"

"Wow Erica, I read the whole thing and it literally made me cry!! You are so brave for sharing your experience with chronic pain and I am so amazed by your persistence and determination to find the right doctor(s) and treatments. I know through my own experience with "invisible illnesses" sometimes it's hard to keep trying when you're so tired/depressed/anxious/confused and for you also in so much physical pain, PLUS everyone just thinks you're crazy and making it all up because they can't "see" your illness. Your strength is truly an inspiration. Love you!"

"ERICA. You are such a strong and beautiful individual for facing this journey without throwing yourself off a bridge (you know that's what I would have done). I couldn't be happier to know that you're finally having some relief! There is a happy and healthy Erica in sight!! Soon enough it will be time to get your life back in order. :-) Love you so much. P.S. That ER selfie is a seriously gorgeous photo of you. Not a joke."

"Just got the chance to read all of your posts- you've always inspired me, Erica, but never like this. You're doing something so important. Other people out there are suffering and need to know they're not alone, and you're offering them comfort and insight. What you're doing is brave and brilliant and I've never been prouder to be your friend. Besides which, you look gorg in all your pained selfies! Tell your story and be proud of your journey. Love you so much." 

"Hey Erica! I finally had time to read your blog and I am blown away! I didn't realize you were in so much pain. Your writing is really funny, though, and although you seem to worry it's depressing at times, I didn't find it that way. In fact, I sat down and had about 15 minutes and thought, hey this is a perfect time to check out Erica's blog. Well, 45 minutes later I finally pulled myself away from the computer. I'm so glad you've found someone who can really relate to your pain - and who has puppies! Wha??? How cool is that?!? Anyway, I just wanted to tell you I think your blog is great and I think it's not only going to be an outlet to express yourself and educate others, but will provide strength and support to anyone who suffers with chronic pain. Well done."

"Hi Erica, I'm a friend of Alicia; we interned at DoSomething together last summer. I have a rare, chronic, progressive, and life-threatening illness that I've had since birth and with that, among many other things, has come years of chronic pain. I'm so sorry to hear that you have to deal with all this bullshit, too. I haven't read your blog yet, but I'm really looking forward to! I just bookmarked it! What you're doing is truly amazing and inspiring, and as someone living with chronic pain, as well, I thank you for putting this out there. Even though all of this sucks, I so believe in fate and that we were given our challenges for a reason, and even more so to meet other, specific people for a reason. I just wanted to write to you to connect because, even if our experiences aren't at all the same, they are challenging experiences that have a similar root, and among all the suckiness, it's nice to find other people who may have a tiny lick of knowing what you're going through and can relate in some way or another. I've been doing some writing myself, nothing that I've posted or published in any way, just random journalings, and I hope to perhaps someday write a book about my life and experiences. Once I read all about you and your experiences tomorrow, I'll be able to better "follow-up" with you, because I have read some books and blogs about living with chronic pain or chronic illness at this age and stage in our lives, and perhaps we could share tips with each other. I basically just wanted to introduce myself and hopefully we can find a connection here. I really look forward to reading your work! Xo, Melanie"

"Reading your blog touched me so much because we're the same age and I just thought 'this could have been me' is so easy to take all the little things for granted and reading your story just made me stop and think. Plus you have a brilliant writing style. I think your blog post is the most I have had the concentration to read for the last 2 years. It totally sucked me in! You really should think about writing a book!! Honestly xx"

"Firstly, I would like to thank you erica for sending this. I fully enjoyed reading the blog posts I have read so far, especially your most recent one 'Why the Funniest People are Sometimes the Saddest', and will continue to love reading them in the future. Suffering from moderately severe social anxiety and slight depression that comes along with it, as well as having several family members and friends suffering from social anxiety and depression among others things I have a good idea of how it feels to be sad and lonely.
I also love your articles on suffering from chronic pain at a young age. I feel very inspired by yourself and others like you, those who can not find the guidance and/or support they need, so decide to do their best to provide it themselves so that others like them you don't feel so alone as they did when they could not find the support and guidance they need.
Sorry this is long, but you have become inspiration to me, as I sure you are to many others.
Please take care of yourself everyone, you are more loved then you will ever know, you just need to never forget to love yourself. "


  1. Hi Erica.

    I just wanted to thank you for the invitation to your blog from one of my Pinterest pins. You are an amazing young lady and sharing your story will make a difference to others. We have a board called "Courageous People with Invisible Illnesses" and I've added a link to you page there as well. The more people who get to read the experiences and stories of those like yourself, the greater opportunity we have to change the world and increase the understanding so many people deserve. Chronic pain and invisible illnesses are so misunderstood and often the person who is suffering needs to know they are not alone. I hope that you will continue to write and advocate. Take gentle care of yourself and never give up.

    1. Hi Carmen,

      Thank you for your kind words! I will definitely join your board. :)


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