Sunday, July 20, 2014

McGill Pain Index

Before I even begin diving in, I thought it was important to show this Index. This was something I had found along the way that I thought really showed a great visual (particularly with people who have little to no understanding) and severity of how painful chronic illnesses are. 

In my worst pain back a few months ago, I scored a 37 (right below childbirth with training) At some points, childbirth, while I have never actually been in labor or have a child, was the best way to explain the worst pain I was dealing with. Imagine, labor for a year. Not a fun time. The doctor who was/is treating me at Hopkins (and btw, is a top national specialist on myofascial pain) has alluded (in his always professional, but underlying dry sense of Jewish humor I can really appreciate) several times that childbirth will be "a breeze". In case anyone was wondering at all, that was in fact a direct quote from top specialist, Dr. Gerwin. My life, man. 

Good news, though!  I retook the test again recently and got a 25. Not bad. I will take the pain of a bad toothache over childbirth any day

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