Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Now Officially A HuffPost Blogger!

HuffPost has syndicated my first article via Please read and share!

Since I was invited to blog for HuffPost, I am able to post whatever and whenever I want. I have plenty of things I would like to write about for them, as well as rewriting old blog posts, but I would also like to use this is a tool to be a voice for other chronic pain sufferers as well. With pain, many voices are not heard or understood.

That being said, if anyone out there with chronic pain has any ideas or suggestions they would like me to write about, please let me know. You can email me under "contact" with the email listed or in the comment section. I've met so many people who have had pain much worse and longer than I have and am always looking for insight.

Working on a big list right now! I have a few other pieces I'm working on for different sites now (plus recovering from this horrible GI virus I still have) but I will come back to this and focus my efforts on HuffPost. (I also have no idea when I became this busy WRITING of all things.)

I feel very humbled to have come this far, to be honest. This blog was just an idea for a long time that took a lot of balls for me to work up the nerve and write. I was honestly expecting mixed reviews. (I know how the internet works--there are always critics.) But I have been overwhelmed with the love and support I've received from the little pipe hole of a project I started a year ago. I'm looking forward to see where this takes me and, more than anything, happy to see that many of you really find it helpful and use it as a resource.

Thanks guys! 


  1. Girl, the happiness that exploded out of me when I found your blog! To my fellow pain enduring pill popper bed Loving home girl,
    I was perfectly healthy until I spent an entire day trying to get my beautiful, but stubborn, daughter out of my body. And then BOOM, my galbladder stops working and gets yanked out. Then my pancreas decides to join the burning party, thus making the ER my new best friend. Fast forward a year and I have been diagnosed with Fibro, DDD, gastroparisis, endemetriosis, migraines like a bitch, TMD in my jaw, my lower back hates me. To the point where taking a shower looks like a scene straight out of rocky. I am the queen of the pill poppers. The only person that understands is my cousin but she lives one state over. I have been poked at, tested on, pretty much pay the 20 doctors I see their salaries. The ER is my best friend. My bed and Netflix are in a close second. My husband and daughter I can't even go outside and play with without looking like my 80 ur old neighbor. Oh, let's not get started on the 2 BAG FULLS of medications I have to take. I look like a damn CVS pill truck. But I hope you are feeling good today. Thank you for your blog. Truly.

    1. Oh did I mention this has been FOUR years of hell?! Yehhhh

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    3. Heather, you are hilarious! Thank you!! I feel you girl. Sounds like you need your own blog, LOL! :)