Saturday, January 17, 2015

Why Small Boobs Are Better--At Least for CMPS | Planning for Breast Reduction

So, part of the reason I've been so busy lately is because, after several doctors recommending it, I have been researching breast reduction surgery. In December I decided to get an eval to see and understand the timeline. The doctor agreed it would really benefit me and within a month, my insurance claim was accepted. Because of other potential variables which may come into play later, I scheduled my surgery for February 19th. Right now, I am a 34/36F looking to be a small C. While I am SO excited to be part of the IBTC, I am mildly terrified to get this surgery.

Yes,  3 years ago (pre-dx), I had 3 surgeries on my nose and while it was mostly medical, it went seamlessly. I would've done it again in a heartbeat. But now, with my pain, I have no idea what to expect after surgery. I've been asking some support groups and researching online. I feel like there's a small potential that my body will go completely AWOL and it'll ruin all of my progress. Best case scenario, it goes well with a little added pain. Because of my reactions to pain killers, I decided I won't be taking anything but extra strength Tylenol. 

At my pre-op appointment, however, I will be asking my doctor about a pain pump post op. I've learned from several people with CMP that they used a pain pump and their surgery went pretty seamlessly with just tylenol. A pain pump has local anesthetic which slowly pumps out through a very small catheter placed in the incision that can be kept in the wound site for 2-5 days. It also supposedly causes less nausea (which is what most of my problem was the first time around with my nose.) My surgery will be near Philadelphia, so we will be staying in a hotel for 3 days. I have been furiously planning for this. There aren't a TON of things on the internet and I love to over-plan. So consequently, a multi-tabed excel sheet has been made. 

Here is a handout author/MD Devin Starlanyl wrote that I am planning on giving my doctor. 

Large breasted women out there who are wondering about this---here are a few reasons:
-alleviate back/neck/shoulder pain
-help posture
-exercise easier/help lose weight 
(These things are all perpetuating factors to my condition.)
-reduce rashes under breasts 
-bras fit more comfortably 

Although, in some cases, some women are not able to breast feed and sometimes lose sensation in their breasts. All things I'm willing to forgo to have this surgery. (But I would be pretty happy if neither happened.)  I've seen pictures of some boobs immediately post op and they are terrifying (I've been referring to them to my parents as "Frankenstein tits".) but I decided I just won't look at them. I feel like if I saw them I'd cry, vom or both. Mom will be in charge.

Nearly every single person I've talked to has said it has greatly helped them. A lot of people even said they could feel an instantaneous difference. This excites me. 

At this point, I'm just honestly willing to do whatever it takes to feel better. But I am also excited to shop for new bras. :)

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