Monday, September 8, 2014

Physical Therapy: A Necessary Evil

So much has been happening the past few weeks, sorry I disappeared!

Luckily, today I have been discharged from PT. 

This is really exciting because I really hate PT.  It doesn't mesh well with my personality. I don't do well with being constantly bossed around and naturally, I feel like I can do it better on my own.

My PT happily discharged me based on the agreement that I will be doing my own "wellness program". As much as I hate to admit it, I really do need to commit to it. Dr. Gerwin says once I'm "normal", I will have to work out 5 days/week. I gotta start sometime. It's progress, people.

At first I was really against the idea (surprisingly) of being discharged because I didn't think I was ready and am always worried about not doing things the correct way without someone watching me. But, really, when am I ever going to be truly ready?

I am actually starting to have more good days than bad and my "good days" are starting to feel like actual, real normal people good days rather than maybe-if-I'm-lucky-I'll-take-a-shower-today good days. 

So, consequentially, the OCD/control freak took over and after a long night of excessive pinning, this happened: 

It's not perfect yet and I will be laminating a pool excel chart so I can do all my pool exercises too (because I'm clearly insane), but my main goal is to try to go every day I feel good enough to. 

Over the course of the last year, I've also found a reformer pilates personal trainer who also has hypermobility (and a great sense of humor). I'm planning on starting up with her once a week again as well as re-joining the gym. I just bought a whole new set of resistance bands to take to the gym as well as my foam roller. (I know, guys, my life is super exciting/embarrassing.) 

I am also fully aware I will be "that girl" at the gym. 

This process is exciting but mildly terrifying. I'm nervous to make a mistake and screw it up like I did before. My over-ambitiousness is truly a blessing and a curse. Luckily, moving on from PT has always been part of the game plan to eventually being independent, out of the house and working again.

I have been trying my best to keep busy though. I get bored A LOT. My brother was home last week and I went shooting for the first time ever. I get so stir crazy and can't do any of my other favorite adrenaline-rushing activities, so this was all around pretty entertaining for a girl who never gets out of the house. 

The best news of the day: I may have an appointment (that I had initially scheduled for next May last January) on Wednesday with the leading hypermobility specialist at GBMC in Baltimore, recommended by Dr. Gerwin, Dr. Clair Francomano. I have been told, not only by Dr. Gerwin, that is she the person to see for JHS.  Seriously praying they confirm I have it tomorrow. 

If I do get the appointment, I'll recap the appointment with new helpful hints. 

Have a good night everyone! 


Someone else got the Francomano appointment before I did. Sad face. Guess I'll see her next May or until her office manager caves from harassment. 

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