Saturday, August 2, 2014

Small Gestures Go A Long Way

Like I said initially, you'll find a lot of shitty people out there in the world but there are genuinely some good eggs, some people I'm really happy to call my friends. I wish I would've saved/taken pictures of all the cards and random, amazing get well soon boxes I've gotten through the course of my time home. My friend/kindred spirit Alicia, who sent me this card above that I received today, gets me and I love her for it. Every time I read this it makes me smile which is good timing because I'm still recovering from my injections on Thursday and have been mildly cranky.

I feel like when a lot of people found out what was happening to me initially, they didn't know how to react or be supportive without feeling like they were getting trapped in a soul sucking tunnel of sadness. But the truth is, it's just nice to occasionally be reminded that people generally give a shit. 

For example, I got a call from my freshman roommate a few weeks ago. We have the kind of relationship where we are close and will always care about each other but are bad about keeping in touch. When she called me, I had missed it. (I've generally been bad about my phone since I've been incognito.) I texted her back and asked if she had accidentally butt dialed me and found out she had called because she was at our favorite singer's concert (Sara Bareilles) and purposefully called me to listen to our favorite song, Gravity, that we've probably listened to 95043609348 times together. This is such a special song to both of us and the thought that she had called me just to let me listen and know she was thinking of me made me tear up. Maybe I'm a total cornball, but I feel like I've been focusing on all the shitty people rather than all the great people that have come into my life. Not sorry 'bout the fact that this post was semi emo. 

If you don't know where this gif is from, I truly feel sorry for you.

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