Friday, December 11, 2015

Survey About Negative Disability Perception

Hi all! I am working on a project in my masters course about negative disability perception. My survey is a quick 9 questions long! I would love all your input and if you have any questions, please message or email me! Please only take if you have a medical condition of any kind.

Thank you and please share! Hope everyone is feeling well today xx


  1. Please share your 9 question survey as being a physician, I have participated in a lot of Surveys in Australia as these contain numbering surveys from 0-9 which indicate the intensity of pain but when it came to relief point so they all selected Physiotherapy North Ryde from which in their point of view is the best place form which they can get highest relief in pain and if we take medication with it so there is a synergistic effect in pain relief process.

  2. Done! Best of luck with your study. Hope it helps!
    Here is my story if you'd like to hear more:

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